Will you raise your prices because Spot Cleaners has gone green?

We will not raise our prices. We feel it is not the burden of our customers to compensate us for the transition.

Do you have same day service?

Yes, we do. But we require that the customer bring their clothes in prior to 8:30 AM to request same day service. We will have your order ready for you before 5:00 PM.

Do you do alterations ?

Yes, we do. We do require 5 business days for the turn around time.

Do you clean leather and suede ?

Yes, we do.

Do you clean household items ?

Yes, remember that all these items would be Wetcleaned so there would be no residual chemicals on items, especially if you are sleeping with them. We clean all of these items and more:
Drapes, couch covers, shams, duvets, chair covers, bedspreads, comforters, down items, featherbeds, sleeping bags, table linens, pillows and even rugs.

Why do other cleaners say they are Green when they use another solvent?

I don't want to dispute what they call "green", but what is greener that water? Other cleaners use hydrocarbon (petroleum) and consider themselves green because they no longer use perc. Hydrocarbon is not safe for the environment. It is still regulated and produces waste that must be properly disposed of.

The EPA considers Wetcleaning and C02 Cleaning the only 2 methods that are 100% econ friendly. Wetcleaning uses only water and all the detergenst and conditioners used in the process are certified as environmentally friendly.
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