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Spot Cleaners has been in business for 23 years in Reno, Nevada. The owners are Chang Suh and Su Suh, with a combined experience of 52 years in the dry cleaning industry, and we have lived in Northern Nevada for 35 years.

Su Suh initially started in the dry cleaning business, 19 years ago, with a store in Truckee, CA. Chang eventually joined 1996, and in January of 1997, they opened a dry-cleaning plant in Reno.

The dry-cleaning industry has made leaps and bounds in technology with advanced dry-cleaning machines to help reduce the usage of perc (the solvent 85% of dry cleaners use today), lower emissions and minimize the risk of soil contamination. But still, the grave possibility of a spill and contamination remains a danger. Presently, Washoe County is heavily regulating dry cleaners in the area due to perc contamination in the groundwater supply. They have installed perc monitoring devices downstream of the main drain at every cleaner to ensure no perc is migrating to the drain.

Spot Cleaners

We have experienced heavy regulation, which is lagging in California. California has taken steps to eradicate perc usage from the state. Proposition 65 has deemed perc as a known carcinogen and has called for it to be phased out entirely by 2023. The state has also offered large incentives to drycleaners to make the transition to either the wet cleaning or CO2 processes. Both are the only two methods to be approved by the EPA to be 100% environmentally safe. In many cases, California, along with many Air Quality Boards, are granting as much as $25,000 to drycleaners willing to make to transition to green cleaning.

Nevada and Washoe County offer no such incentives or grants, but we at Spot Cleaners felt the need to make that transition as soon as possible. We chose Wetcleaning because of its use of water. It is the most naturally abundant liquid on the planet, and it only benefits us, our employees, our customers, and the environment.

Spot Cleaners

Dry "Wetcleaning"

We are the first and only wet cleaning facility in Northern Nevada. Wet cleaning can clean all wools, silks, cotton, polyesters, acetate, linens, and many other fabrics safely. It produces a superior product, and the clothes come out smelling fresh and clean without the usual chemical scent. We use only the finest in Wetcleaning soaps, detergents, and conditioners that are EPA approved.

We employ special computer-controlled washers and dryers to ensure a clean and fresh garment is produced.

Garments with special beading such as wedding gowns and other formal wear have no risk of damage by harsh solvents.

Wet cleaning removes the majority of the water-soluble stains. Perc and other dry cleaning solvents have a difficultly removing these stains. Water-soluble stains such as sweat, foods, drinks, and general dirt are the majority of stains produced by customers. Thus, wet-cleaning will produce superior cleaning than the typical dry-cleaning.


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